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Warning: The Spotted Lanternfly

It hasn’t been spotted yet in the Charlotte area, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. We’re talking about the dreaded Spotted Lanternfly. The invasive insect native to Asia was first detected in the United States in 2014 in Pennsylvania and has since spread to nine other states. In late June, it was spotted in the Winston-Salem area, specifically Kernersville....
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Preventing Construction Damage

There’s a wise old English proverb, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” That applies to protecting your trees against damage from construction. A quick drive around town will tell you that many of us are renovating, remodeling and expanding our homes, and place of business in some cases. To safeguard the trees that might be in the...
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Dogwood Powdery Mildew

Dogwood powdery mildew, caused by the fungus Erysiphe pulchra, is characterized by a white, powdery substance on the surface of leaves. As the infection progresses, leaves can become distorted, and premature leaf drop may occur. Of course, prevention and treatment for dogwood powdery mildew is included in a Plant Health Care subscription from Arborscapes. (As are myriad other pests and...
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Emerald Ash Borer – Deadly Charlotte Pest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL ARBORIST WARNS OF POTENTIALLY DEADLY BEETLE PINEVILLE, N.C. – A leading tree care company is warning residents in our City of Trees: Watch out for emerald ash borer. “It’s a bad insect that we don’t want in the Charlotte area but it’s here,” says Nathan Morrison, a certified arborist and co-owner of Arborscapes in Pineville. The...
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Japanese Maple Scale & Dogwood Scale

Japanese maple scale is an exotic armored scale species that infests a wide range of host plants (45 genera in 27 families) in the eastern United States. It infests some of the most common nursery and landscape plants in North Carolina including: red maple (Acer rubrum) Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) dogwood broadleaf evergreens like holly, Japanese holly, and boxwood These...
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5 Mistakes Homeowners Make With New Landscaping

Congratulations! You’ve just installed new landscaping and your property couldn’t look better. But trouble looms in the form of five main mistakes that homeowners sometimes make after they think the project is finished. Our Landscape Accounts Manager Brandon Sleigh, a horticulturist, landscape designer-installer and lifelong gardener, explains those potential mistakes one at a time. Water mismanagement In other words, using...
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Cedar Grove Cemetery Revitalization

Here at Arborscapes, we are proud to have joined an effort to right a wrong, may all who are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery rest in peace. The cemetery on Hildebrand Street in west Charlotte is the final resting place for an untold number of African Americans. The last burial was in the 1990s. Privately owned, with the last known...
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10 Resolutions For Your Yard

John Maurice, our Tree Care Operations Manager, offers some practical new year’s advice for your trees. Have a question or concern? Reach us at (704) 525-7148 or office@arborscapes.com. We are eager to help. You can visit us 24/7 at Arborscapes.net. Exercising more isn’t the only resolution you should make early in 2022. Here are 10 things to resolve to do...
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Time to join the band!

They are as visible a part of the Charlotte landscape as skyscrapers, cranes and breweries: Those dark, gooey bands that protect our magnificent trees from dreaded cankerworms. December is the time to schedule an appointment for Arborscapes to take care of cankerworm business on your property. Cankerworms, as we know only too well, are caterpillars that emerge as adult moths...
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What is Sooty Mold?

Sooty mold is a type of plant mold that results in an unsightly black discoloration on trees. Without proper control, it can make the host plant turn entirely black. This tree mold grows on the honeydew residue left by sucking insects, such as aphids and soft scales, that infest the plant. These pests can cause the host plant to lose...
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What to do when a tree falls

Here’s a great question to address during this summer season of sudden, violent storms: What should you do when a tree falls? For the answer, and some practical advice, we turn to Matt Davenport, our Safety Coordinator/Certified Arborist, who has 23 years of experience in the tree industry. FIRST First, Matt says, stay calm. Your immediate job is to distinguish...
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What are those holes? Sapsuckers

Clients often ask us about small holes in the trunks of their trees and shrubs. Most often these are from a small bird called a sapsucker. These birds like to visit a wide variety of trees and shrubs during the winter months and create a series of small holes that are generally arranged in a horizontal line. Often times there...
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Watering Tips for Spring 2021

We’ve had a pretty decent amount of rain so far this spring in the Charlotte area. Most mature/established landscape plants don’t require much if any additional watering unless there are drought conditions. If you have a newly planted tree or shrub, watering on a more consistent basis is important during the first few years. A refillable bag placed around the...
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What an Honor!

BEST OF THE BEST HONORS ARBORSCAPES (AGAIN) PINEVILE, N.C. – Arborscapes Tree & Landscape Specialists has been named Best in Landscaping in the annual BEST OF THE BEST awards. The annual awards are featured in the May issue of Charlotte magazine, both in print and online. It’s not the first time Arborscapes has been honored in the competition. Co-owners Nathan...
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If you need indoor plants…

PlantHouse is an amazing new store in Charlotte (Dilworth) that I highly recommend for Indoor plants. As a Certified Arborist I’m very knowledgeable about OUTDOOR trees and plants. Indoor plants and their care are very different than outdoor plants. The staff is incredible about answering questions about plant varieties and their water and light needs. Their free repotting service is...
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Time to Protect your Crape Myrtles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOW’S THE TIME TO PROTECT YOUR CRAPE MYRTLES PINEVILLE, N.C. – In the midst of winter, a leading tree care company is encouraging residents to protect their crape myrtles before an annoying insect can do its damage. Nathan Morrison, a certified arborist and co-owner of Arborscapes in Pineville, pulls no punches when it comes to the crape...
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Watch out for Dreaded Cankerworms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL ARBORIST: WATCH OUT FOR DREADED CANKERWORMS PINEVILLE, N.C. – Cankerworms, that old enemy of our City of Trees, aren’t wreaking havoc like they used to, thanks to spring frosts and those now-familiar tree bands. Still, leading tree arborist Nathan Morrison is encouraging people to remain vigilant. Morrison, co-founder of Arborscapes, says March is when we typically...