Tree Swing Installation

Tree Swing Installation

“Tickle the sky with your toes and hear the clouds laugh.”
—Good advice, author unknown

It should come as no surprise that hanging tree swings is among the valuable services that Arborscapes provides. Growing up in Ohio, I spent many a joyful day swinging back and forth over the creek at his home. My childhood friend, Arborscapes Co-Founder Jason Tebben, often joined me.

Fast forward a bunch of years: The Morrisons have three tree swings at their home. Jason and I are proud to help customers make those same sweet memories.

As part of the service, one of our certified arborists will help the homeowner choose the best tree in which to install a swing. We will inspect the tree and make sure it is in good health – strong enough to support a swing, no overhanging limbs to pose a risk to the “swinger.” If there is an issue with a tree, Arborscapes will help the customer take care of it.

Sometimes we supply the swing and hardware to put it up, sometimes the homeowner will have it waiting for us. Some tree swing chairs can hold up to 350 pounds. That’s a lot of six-year-olds! In all cases, we furnish the rope, three-quarter inch braided to guarantee safe installation and plenty of use.

In most cases, a crew can get the job done in an hour or two. And it’s not just kids who love it. Adults like to swing as well. And it’s a cool add-on to your yard.

We are not telling you anything you don’t already know. The kids of today spend too much time in front of an iPad, television or telephone. One study found that children ages five to 16 spend an average of 6½ hours a day in front of a screen compared to around three hours in 1995.

Tree swings are an antidote for modern times. They can build core muscles and develop motor skills in users of all ages.

They also touch the heart. Remember the golden days when a kid would ask “What can I do?” and Mom or Dad would answer “Go outside and play.”

Arborscapes is proud to do its part by helping you install a tree swing safely, one that will pass the test of time.

Trust us. The moment that swing gets put up, the kids come running.

An important reminder: Always keep an eye on your tree swingers, especially younger ones. Safety comes first.

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