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What is that sticking out of my tree?

What are those weird toothpick looking things sticking out of my tree? You may not like the answer. Whatever you do, don’t put these “toothpicks” in your mouth! Ambrosia beetles are a group of wood-boring beetles typically associated with stressed, weakened, or recently transplanted trees. These beetles cultivate certain fungi inside their galleries as a food source. As a result,...
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Tree Swing Installation

“Tickle the sky with your toes and hear the clouds laugh.” —Good advice, author unknown It should come as no surprise that hanging tree swings is among the valuable services that Arborscapes provides. Growing up in Ohio, I spent many a joyful day swinging back and forth over the creek at his home. My childhood friend, Arborscapes Co-Founder Jason Tebben,...
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Winter Savings on Tree Work

Arborscapes is once again is offering a 10-percent discount on all tree pruning and removal performed between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28. The discount applies to labor-based services. It does not include basic health care services such as fertilizing. Now is the time to get your tree-related projects taken care of. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at...
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Canopy Reduction’s Branch-Out Benefits

How important is monitoring and, as needed, reducing your tree canopy? For the sake of tree health, safety and beauty, it’s up there. In landscaping as in life, it is wise to plan ahead and act. Late summer and early autumn – before the ice storms strike and winter’s winds blow – is the right time to consider your tree...
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Charlotte’s Tree Permitting Requirements for Private Tree Removal

Our beautiful city is known far and wide for its treescape, a canopy of green that graces the fast-growing urban landscape. A new tree ordinance aims to keep it that way. Let’s walk through the policy and see how Arborscapes can help you navigate it. The theme here is to preserve what the city calls heritage trees – those spectacularly...
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Why is My Cherry Tree Dying?

If you will allow this analogy: Cherry trees have become the rock stars of the tree world. They live fast and die young. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a challenge to keep a cherry tree alive and well, especially in the Carolinas. These beautiful, bountiful trees like it cooler than a Carolinas summer and warmer than one...
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The Summer Storm Mistake Homeowners Don’t Have to Make

In this summer season of popup storms and high winds, Arborscapes’ Tree Care team offers a solution to the threat. As they put it succinctly, “Cabling and bracing.” Installing cables or braces as recommended by a board-certified master arborist can spare your trees from defects, damage and even having to be removed. These defects, or cracks, can put maples, oaks,...
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Why Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Really Matters in Charlotte

At Arborscapes, what excites our arborists most about the job is caring for the canopy of our city. And there have been few threats to that canopy as urgent as the recent introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The EAB, which landed in North America from China in 2015, is bad business. If not stopped, it can claim 99.9...
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Now’s The Time To Prune

For the beauty of your trees and the safety of people and property down below, early Spring is a great time to prune that dead wood. Early Spring is when certified arborists can best inspect the tree before new buds begin to sprout. That makes it easier for them to determine what’s dead, dying, damaged, infested or diseased and needs...
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Springtime Tree FAQ’s in the Charlotte Area

At Arborscapes, we want to see the entire Charlotte area have the healthiest trees possible. While we offer an entire suite of tree services and plant health care, we also realize that plenty of homeowners enjoy some (safe) DIY yardwork. We get lots of questions about taking care of trees, and we wanted to share some of the most common...
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Black Knot

As arborists, we have seen many tree diseases and pests, but one of the most persistent and destructive is the black knot fungus. This fungus attacks a wide range of tree species, but is particularly harmful to wild and cultivated cherries, plums, and apricots. The black knot fungus infects the branches, twigs and sometimes the trunk of trees, and can...
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Pruning Young Trees Makes Them Healthier

Since becoming our Tree Care Operations Manager and a self-confessed tree hugger, I’ve found an awesome analogy when talking about the importance of pruning trees when they are young. Trees are like children. Provide them with good shape and structure early and they’ll grow up sturdy and strong. We’re talking hardwood trees – maples, oaks and the like. Whether planted...
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When is a healthy tree a dangerous tree?

We want to tell you about a project we tackled just before Christmas 2022. We share this story because it could be relevant to you. A tree can appear healthy on the outside and yet be structurally unstable. For safety’s sake, it’s critical that you determine if a tree is in trouble no matter how robust it looks. For 15...
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New Tree Ordinance In The Works For Charlotte

Here’s an important FYI for everyone who cares about preserving our community’s tree canopy. As our Co-Founder Nathan Morrison says, “Our tree canopy defines Charlotte.” Charlotte’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which takes effect June 1, 2023, intends to monitor and control our city’s rapid growth in a way that preserves the city’s beauty. That includes maintaining our trees. Charlotte is...
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Winter Fertilization for Trees

A comforting truism when it comes to fertilizing: There’s never a bad time to feed your trees and shrubs. Just because autumn has passed doesn’t mean you missed your window of opportunity. As we say on the Plant Healthcare team“If a plant is hungry or stressed, you want to feed it immediately.” Fertilizing the right way with the proper fertilizer...
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The Latest on Tree Banding

We don’t want to let our guard down, but there is good news regarding female cankerworms: Thanks to Mother Nature and the diligence of homeowners, the population has been greatly reduced. That means we can hold off on tree banding, at least for now. You know what we’re referring to, those sticky, dark bands you see wrapped around willow oaks...
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Japanese Maple Pruning

If we’re considering the importance of properly pruning your Japanese Maple, think of it in these terms: These beautiful trees require a slight and carefully executed trim, NOT A BUZZCUT! And winter is a great time to do it. Pruning a Japanese Maple is no different than pruning a shade tree. It’s just done on a miniature basis, in a...
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Dormant Oil 101

A thin, highly refined petroleum may be just the thing to get a jump on growing season. We’re talking Dormant oil. Here’s the lowdown: Dormant oil is most often applied during winter – we recommend December to February – to help reduce the population of insects and eggs. You want to wait until the temperature is at least 40 degrees...