Japanese Maple Pruning

Japanese Maple Pruning

If we’re considering the importance of properly pruning your Japanese Maple, think of it in these terms: These beautiful trees require a slight and carefully executed trim, NOT A BUZZCUT! And winter is a great time to do it.

Pruning a Japanese Maple is no different than pruning a shade tree. It’s just done on a miniature basis, in a way that preserves and nurtures the character of the tree.

Landowners know the characteristics of their landscape. They can take a walk around their property and notice abnormalities, including with their Japanese Maple(s). Winter, when dormancy makes it easier to see the tree, is a good time for careful pruning. Don’t worry if your tree needs some extensive work.

We can make the tree fit in a space without making it look hideous. I’m a Charlotte native, I’ve been caring for plants for 22 years, including the last 5½ with Arborscapes which has been in Charlotte since 2001.

As with any horticultural need, call Arborscapes at (704) 525-7148 with your questions or concerns.

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