Winter Savings on Tree Work

Winter Savings on Tree Work

Arborscapes is once again is offering a 10-percent discount on all tree pruning and removal performed between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28. The discount applies to labor-based services. It does not include basic health care services such as fertilizing.

Now is the time to get your tree-related projects taken care of. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at (704) 525-7148. We would be thrilled to get that going for you. Are you just discovering Arborscapes? Visit to learn about our services and the story behind the company – how Jason Tebben, my boyhood friend from Ohio, and I shared a love for the outdoors and wound up starting Arborscapes. Jason and I go back to sixth grade. I’m grateful for our friendship and proud of what we started together.

Winter is the time that our work is not as crazy. Our winter discount for work completed from December to February is our way of saying thank you to our customers and giving you the opportunity to have the highest quality professional tree services at a discounted price. We are not just a tree service, but a customer experience company striving to provide the best experience from start to finish, with all the details addressed.

Why not tackle this project now, before winter strikes, when you can enjoy a 10-percent discount. All of us at Arborscapes thank you for your business.

Winter is when you should consider removing trees as needed.
  • Trees are dormant. That means there is less stress from pruning cuts.
  • During winter, disease and insects are less likely to invade.
  • With the trees bare of leaves, our crews can better identify the work that needs doing. They can spot dead branches and assess the overall health of the tree. Changes in the bark. Possible damage around the roots.
  • The ground is frozen so our equipment will do less damage to your lawn and garden.
  • Flowers aren’t in bloom, so there is less collateral damage there.
  • Winter is also a common time for tree damage, so eliminating problems before they arise is wise land management.

You can schedule your project now, for the winter months when you can enjoy a 10-percent discount. As always, all of us at Arborscapes thank you for your business.

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