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Commercial Tree Services

Professional, affordable tree care done right.

Fully insured and licensed, our arborists have been providing high quality and affordable tree services to Charlotte area businesses since 2000. From property managers to apartments to homeowners' associations, we help you meet all regulations and look good doing it. Our full-service pruning and tree care services are offered year-round for your convenience.

Heaven & Earth Landscaping

"We are proud to partner with Aborscapes and Matt Davenport. The upmost professional company along with upholding the highest quality of work. We appreciate all the hard work you from you and the team on all our job sites. Thank you!"

Jonathon Gladden
North Charlotte Branch Manager
Heaven and Earth Landscaping


"We are a community management company managing over 180 communities and we rely on excellent vendors to keep the communities we manage looking their best and in some cases keeping them safe. Arborscapes is the best! They are quick, responsive and very thorough. They are always there when we need them. They have a great team from the office staff, to sales, to scheduling and to the crew doing the work. Everyone is easy to work with and super nice!"

Christine Adams
Work Order Specialist
Cusick Community Management

How We Care for Your Trees

Charlotte Commercial Tree Trimming Crane

Commercial Tree Trimming & Pruning

Insurance clearance requirements for:

  • Buildings
  • Roof
  • Drive Lanes
  • Light Fixtures
  • Security Cameras
  • Signage
  • Parking Illumination

create a near constant need for pruning. While landscapers are limited to operating under 12' Arborscapes has the ability to trim trees up to any height. Pruning properly keeps trees healthy and strong, while keeping them from interfering with other important needs.

Properly pruning young trees helps them grow to be healthy trees that require less maintenance. Taking care of new and young trees can save many future headaches.

Charlotte Commercial Tree Care

Commercial Tree Care & Plant Health Care

Protecting and nurturing your trees can be vital not only to their health but their survival. Fertilization, watering, pest control, fungal and disease control are all important and interconnected aspects of keeping your trees hearty and strong.

During the growing season most trees require supplemental fertilizer beyond what is naturally occurring from rainfall and ground residues. Depending upon tree species, fertilization should occur at least once a year from for most trees to provide adequate nutrition. Parking lots, roads, and sidewalks inhibit root growth and ability to find nutrients. The first step toward attractive trees is healthy trees.

Prevention of deadly pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer is just one of the benefits you'll receive from Arborscapes' Plant Health Care subscription. Property managers in Charlotte know that a vibrant and healthy living landscapes is vital to success in this area.

Charlotte Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial Tree Removal

When the time comes to remove a tree, Arborscapes is the first call you should make. With our team of expert certified arborists, and our unmatched cadre of equipment, no one can handle the job safer or more professionally.

Property managers should keep in mind Charlotte's new tree ordinance when planning the removal of trees, as there are requirements for certified arborists embedded that may affect your jobs. It will be in the best interest of managers to involve a certified arborist sooner than later. Arborscapes offers free estimates on commercial tree removal.

We have partnered with Carolina Urban Lumber to find ways to upcycle trees that have been removed. Damon has been able to convert trees from business property into conference tables, and works of art to be used in the office space. If your business has an interest in incorporating the trees that Arborscapes removes from your property, let us know and we can work with Carolina Urban Lumber to make sure it is put to the best use.

After the tree has been removed, our commercial stump removal team also makes sure the area is ready for what's next.

Commercial Tree Services Safety Training

Safety Always First

Arborscapes has always placed workplace safety as the number one priority. Safety not just for people, but for the property of our clients and their neighbors as well. That's why we have 2 weekly company-wide safety meetings, bi-annual first aid and CPR training, weekly safety education, we're OSHA 30 Certified, and have multiple CTSPs (Certified Tree care Safety Professional) on staff.

We also recognize for our commercial clients the importance of working with safe, professional, and reliable organizations. You can trust Arborscapes to do the job safely and correctly.

  • OSHA 30 Certified
  • CTSP (Certified Tree Care Safety Professional)
  • Weekly Safety Training
  • Safe Workplace Culture
Contact Us Today!
We offer FREE commercial tree service estimates by certified arborists. Fill in the form or call 704.525.7148 to get started today!
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