Winter Fertilization for Trees

Winter Fertilization for Trees

A comforting truism when it comes to fertilizing: There’s never a bad time to feed your trees and shrubs. Just because autumn has passed doesn’t mean you missed your window of opportunity.

As we say on the Plant Healthcare team“If a plant is hungry or stressed, you want to feed it immediately.”

Fertilizing the right way with the proper fertilizer is beyond the reach of the weekend gardener. Arborscapes uses organic materials not typically available at your neighborhood store. It’s a living mix, one that doesn’t survive on the store shelves for very long.

The goal with fertilization is to mimic what a tree or other living thing would get in a natural area untouched by humans. Arborscapes can usually get the job done with one application a year. If a tree is stressed, the job could require more. Call Arborscapes at (704) 525-7148 to make an appointment.

We love how one horticulturalist described that window of opportunity for fertilization: “Can shrubs and trees be fertilized in winter? They can and, in fact, fertilizing in winter can be an excellent way to have your tree ready to grow, grow, grow in spring.”

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