Canopy Reduction’s Branch-Out Benefits

Canopy Reduction’s Branch-Out Benefits

How important is monitoring and, as needed, reducing your tree canopy? For the sake of tree health, safety and beauty, it’s up there.

In landscaping as in life, it is wise to plan ahead and act. Late summer and early autumn – before the ice storms strike and winter’s winds blow – is the right time to consider your tree canopy. Reach out to us to plan the proper course of action at the right time of year.

One thing to consider is the sail effect. When heavy winds blow, large trees can catch the wind and act as a sail. This can cause broken limbs and uprooting. Proper pruning will allow the wind to pass through the canopy with minimal impact.

The goal is to reduce the length of long and overextended limbs by 10 to 25 percent. We are talking about all trees, but especially the larger shade trees that grace our property.

Another benefit of canopy reduction is that proper pruning allows more natural light to seep through to your garden, creating a more attractive and bountiful space.

Cambistat Plant Growth Regulator is an effective product. It is typically used near the end of the pruning process. This liquid product is not something for you to apply. Trained professionals from Arborscapes will pour it on the base of the tree. It doesn’t keep the tree from growing. Rather, it focuses the tree’s growth energy elsewhere. This will help protect your roots against the dangers of drought. It can also reduce the impact of stress that comes with construction and heavy machinery. We know there’s a lot of both taking place around many of our homes.

There are risks to canopy reduction. It can lead to stress, which leads to a decline in tree vigor. Pruning wounds can lead to insect and disease infestation. Too much canopy reduction can lead to structural issues. These are all the more reasons to turn the job over to the professionals at Arborscapes.

We want our trees to blaze in the glory of growth. For the long-range sake of our trees, and for the safety of people and property down below, reducing the canopy is crucial to achieving that end result.

Let’s tackle this one together.

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