New Tree Ordinance In The Works For Charlotte

New Tree Ordinance In The Works For Charlotte

Here’s an important FYI for everyone who cares about preserving our community’s tree canopy. As our Co-Founder Nathan Morrison says, “Our tree canopy defines Charlotte.”

Charlotte’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which takes effect June 1, 2023, intends to monitor and control our city’s rapid growth in a way that preserves the city’s beauty. That includes maintaining our trees. Charlotte is losing three acres of tree canopy each day.

The UDO would require homeowners and developers putting up new homes to get a permit to remove a tree larger than 30 inches in diameter. Dying trees and those in danger of falling are exempt. Generally the policy will apply to large oak trees and magnolias that are at least 65 years old – “heritage trees” as they are known.

The goal is to preserve those large trees that are healthy, rather than allow them to be cut down to make way for new construction or additions. Landowners would be required to have a certified arborist inspect a tree, then pay a fee to the city for a permit to remove a tree. They will have to “mitigate” the loss by planting new trees in place of those that are removed. Preservation is the driving force behind this.

With its team of certified arborists, and a commitment to help maintain the city’s canopy, Arborscapes is closely monitoring this development. We will keep you informed.

EDITWe’ve posted a followup article with more information about the new ordinance here.

As always, if you have any questions about the trees on your property, don’t hesitate to give Arborscapes a call at (704) 525-7148. From safely removing dead trees to the deep-root fertilization of growing trees, Arborscapes has been invested in Charlotte’s canopy since 2000.

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