The Summer Storm Mistake Homeowners Don’t Have to Make

The Summer Storm Mistake Homeowners Don’t Have to Make

In this summer season of popup storms and high winds, Arborscapes’ Tree Care team offers a solution to the threat. As they put it succinctly, “Cabling and bracing.”

Installing cables or braces as recommended by a board-certified master arborist can spare your trees from defects, damage and even having to be removed. These defects, or cracks, can put maples, oaks, elms, river birches, even Bradford pears at risk. With decades upon decades of experience in this work, the Arborscapes Tree team recommends considering this option before a problem arises or even after, when a defect demands a quick fix.

A problem requiring this solution can arise from 1) a co-dominant or V-shaped stem (weaker than a single stem) splitting in two 2) long, heavy, overextended branches and 3) poor root anchorage. Pruning can and will help. But in the most severe cases, cables or a system of braces are required. Think of them as a supplemental support system. Once installed, periodic inspection will ensure their continued effectiveness.

Is this a remedy that speaks to your needs?

If so, the first step is to contact Arborscapes and set up an appointment to meet with an arborist. Together, examine the tree(s) in question to decide the best next step. The process of installing cables or braces can take from two hours to an entire day depending on the size of the tree and other factors.

The good news?

Your canopy – so crucial to the beauty of your property – can be preserved. Everything down below (people, patios, vehicles and the like) will be out of danger from falling limbs. Once installed, cables are hard to spot. Trees typically grow up and around braces. In other words, what was once beautiful will remain beautiful. And now, safe.

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