Watch out for Dreaded Cankerworms

Watch out for Dreaded Cankerworms



PINEVILLE, N.C. – Cankerworms, that old enemy of our City of Trees, aren’t wreaking havoc like they used to, thanks to spring frosts and those now-familiar tree bands. Still, leading tree arborist Nathan Morrison is encouraging people to remain vigilant.

Morrison, co-founder of Arborscapes, says March is when we typically see this kind of caterpillar begins to fall from a variety of trees that grace our community, including willow oak, maple, hickory, ash and beech trees. Female cankerworms lay their eggs in the canopy of trees in autumn. By spring, the babies hatch and begin devouring leaves. In the past, the population was so large, you could hear the munching. Native to this region, the cankerworms will never completely vanish. But thanks to plastic tree bands with a sticky substance that stops cankerworms in their tracks, the problem is less severe.

Now is the time to call a certified arborist and get on the schedule to have your trees wrapped (or “banded”) in December, if needed, before the cankerworm can do damage. An arborist can also help inspect your property and help you settle on other preventive measures as needed.

As he does with any threat to trees, shrubs and plants, Morrison sounds the call of the arborist: “Don’t let your guard down.”

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