5 Mistakes Homeowners Make With New Landscaping

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make With New Landscaping

Congratulations! You’ve just installed new landscaping and your property couldn’t look better. But trouble looms in the form of five main mistakes that homeowners sometimes make after they think the project is finished. Our Landscape Accounts Manager Brandon Sleigh, a horticulturist, landscape designer-installer and lifelong gardener, explains those potential mistakes one at a time.

  1. Water mismanagement

    In other words, using too much water, not enough water or watering when it doesn’t coincide with weather conditions. This can lead to death from a lack of water or plant drowning. Overwatering is typically found on irrigated properties.

  2. Thinking that the work is done

    …and there’s nothing left to do. Plants are living creatures that require nurturing and care. Keeping an eye on plants for the first year is extremely important. Early detection of health and performance issues results in fewer replacements and less time missed to establish your plants.

  3. Fertilization and plant health care

    Or the treatments after your installation. Just like grass, ornamentals need periodic treatments to fortify their health and also maintain and even increase vigor.

  4. Damage from animals

    Take care and preventive efforts where possible to avoid damage from animals feeding (deer and rabbits, for example), animal waste (dog urine, for example) or trampling.

  5. Weeds and misuse of herbicides

    Weeds can choke out and out-compete small flowers. Herbicide drift – just like it sounds, herbicide going where it doesn’t need to be – can also cause unwanted damage to plants.

As always, share your questions or concerns with Arborscapes. That’s what we’re here for. You’ve made a tremendous commitment to the beauty of your property. It takes vigilance to sustain that beauty and give you and your family all the pleasure you deserve.

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