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Time to join the band!

They are as visible a part of the Charlotte landscape as skyscrapers, cranes and breweries: Those dark, gooey bands that protect our magnificent trees from dreaded cankerworms. December is the time to schedule an appointment for Arborscapes to take care of cankerworm business on your property. Cankerworms, as we know only too well, are caterpillars that emerge as adult moths...
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What is Sooty Mold?

Sooty mold is a type of plant mold that results in an unsightly black discoloration on trees. Without proper control, it can make the host plant turn entirely black. This tree mold grows on the honeydew residue left by sucking insects, such as aphids and soft scales, that infest the plant. These pests can cause the host plant to lose...
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What are those holes? Sapsuckers

Clients often ask us about small holes in the trunks of their trees and shrubs. Most often these are from a small bird called a sapsucker. These birds like to visit a wide variety of trees and shrubs during the winter months and create a series of small holes that are generally arranged in a horizontal line. Often times there...
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Watering Tips for Spring 2021

We’ve had a pretty decent amount of rain so far this spring in the Charlotte area. Most mature/established landscape plants don’t require much if any additional watering unless there are drought conditions. If you have a newly planted tree or shrub, watering on a more consistent basis is important during the first few years. A refillable bag placed around the...
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Time to Protect your Crape Myrtles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOW’S THE TIME TO PROTECT YOUR CRAPE MYRTLES PINEVILLE, N.C. – In the midst of winter, a leading tree care company is encouraging residents to protect their crape myrtles before an annoying insect can do its damage. Nathan Morrison, a certified arborist and co-owner of Arborscapes in Pineville, pulls no punches when it comes to the crape...
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Watch out for Dreaded Cankerworms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL ARBORIST: WATCH OUT FOR DREADED CANKERWORMS PINEVILLE, N.C. – Cankerworms, that old enemy of our City of Trees, aren’t wreaking havoc like they used to, thanks to spring frosts and those now-familiar tree bands. Still, leading tree arborist Nathan Morrison is encouraging people to remain vigilant. Morrison, co-founder of Arborscapes, says March is when we typically...