Winter Landscape Maintenance

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Winter is when Arborscapes crews are finishing picking up leaves, putting down mulch (or free wood chips) and helping you get ready for your plants to bloom beautifully in the Spring.

  • Arborscapes crews are finishing up raking leaves and lowering the cut on cool-season grass.
  • Mulching is heating up. Remember, if you like the look, Arborscapes offers free wood chips to serve as your mulch. It’s biodegradable and helps the health of the soil. Plus, “The price is right.” Call our office at (704) 525-4178 to get on the list for a delivery when one of our crews is in your area.
  • Crews will be shutting down irrigation systems.
  • A freezing-weather warning: Don’t walk on your frosted plants.
  • Heavy pruning of shrubs will commence about now, with a goal of increasing their growth.
  • Around mid-to-late March, crews will put down pre-emergent herbicide to stop weed growth.
  • Winter is a time to clean up your yard, get the leaves gone, get the mulch down, keep an eye on your outdoor area, call Arborscapes with questions or concerns, and prepare for the warmth and beauty of Spring.
  • You want to keep your plants green and ready to go so they bloom in Spring.

If you have some pruning or tree work you need done, winter is often a great time to do it. Call today because we can usually offer a discount for tree work that is scheduled to happen in the wintertime.

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