Free Wood Chips!

Free Wood Chips!

Here’s an offer too good to refuse: Arborscapes offers free wood chips all year long.

Wood chips work great as a mulch in gardens and natural areas. It improves soil conditions by adding organic nutrients, maintains soil moisture and also temperature, namely warm in winter. Developers and contractors can use it to minimize soil compaction during construction projects around trees. Wood chips also repels some pests and give your property an attractive, polished look. The amount of wood chips someone needs varies depending on its use by homeowners, businesses and developers. A typical load from Arborscapes might run about 12 cubic yards.

Interested? Call the Arborscapes office at (704) 525-4178. We’ll get you on the list for a delivery when one of our crews is in your area. Arborscapes will deliver and dump your load of free wood chips. Spreading it, alas, is going to be up to you.

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