Winter’s The Time For Discount Tree Work

Winter’s The Time For Discount Tree Work

Arborscapes is excited to announce a great opportunity, and incentive, for you to take care of your tree work this winter.

We are offering a 10-percent discount on all tree pruning and removal performed between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28. The discount is for labor-based services and does not include basic health care services such as fertilizing. Do you have some big stuff to take care of? Now’s the time to get it done. Call us at (704) 525-7148 and schedule an appointment. We invite you to visit and learn more about all things Arborscapes.

Our Board-Certified Master Arborists with decadees of experience in the field, say winter is the best time to get the job done. Trees are dormant, which means there is less stress from pruning cuts. Diseases and insects are less likely this time of year to invade any cuts in your trees. Winter, when trees are bare, is also a prime time for the folks who do the work since they can see the entire tree. When the leaves have fallen from your trees, it’s much easier to see their overall structure and spot dead branches.

As far as tree removal, winter is also a great time, in part because the ground is frozen. Frozen ground is harder, which allows for bigger equipment to come on to your property and do less damage to soft earth. Also, because flowers aren’t blooming in winter, your garden won’t be threatened by damage.

Winter removal also helps you get ahead of the late winter storms that often wreak havoc. How do you know when a tree is damaged or compromised? Look for hanging, broken, dead or damaged limbs; changes in the bark; a sudden lean; and possible root damage. If you’re unsure, we’re happy to take a look.

If you think there’s an issue, now’s the time to call us and get an experienced expert to make a diagnosis. Don’t wait for warmer weather. If you need a tree removed (or pruned), winter is the time, discount courtesy of Arborscapes.

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