Now That’s Cross Pollination

Now That’s Cross Pollination

Considering the business we’re in, I can’t think of a better word to describe the cool, new initiative whose goal is to help Arborscapes be the best that it can be.

“Cross Pollination.”

In a sense, this is about planting seeds. We have built relationships with other tree care companies for years. The idea is see how our peers get the job done, and for others to see how Arborscapes gets the job done. It involves back-and-forth visits and phone calls and sharing best practices. When a team from Truetimber Arborists in Richmond, Va., came to Charlotte, the cross pollination also featured fellowship and food at MOA Korean BBQ in uptown Charlotte. (We think they’ll be back!)

I’ve developed a friendship with Scott Turner, owner of Truetimber. The company’s website also lists Scott as Visionary. We really hit it off right away. When I spent time at Truetimber, I sat in on meetings, talked to crew members, checked out their equipment and got a feel for how they do business. I was impressed with how their management meetings address goals and tackle issues. I was particularly taken by the focus on safety, a priority we share at Arborscapes. At Truetimber, their safety and training program is known as Truetimber Academy. They also created a training manual for new employees.

I am ever-motivated about all aspects of the job, and I’m especially excited to weave some of what I saw into the Arborscapes culture. While in Virginia, I also took time to visit another company, this one with a catchy name. ARBORSCAPES!

In the same spirit, we have been working with the New Hampshire-based Tree Care Industry Association, mentoring Reilly Tree & Landscape in Plainville, Mass.

The Arborscapes story is amazing. We founded the company on July 1, 2000. My boyhood (and Ohio State) friend Jason Tebben was the perfect partner to start a business, and the only person I’d trust on such a journey. Think childhood rope swings and forts. The company has grown to include 75 employees working together to meet the tree and landscaping needs of 10,000-plus customers. It takes hard work, a commitment to clients and staff, and a focus on safety. Sharing the tools of our success with others is the right thing to do. So is learning from others. That’s because for 23 years, Job No. 1 has never changed.

“Our ultimate goal, is to be the best that we can be.”

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